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Tradia Group is suppliers and installers of High Security Welded Mesh Fencing, also known as Clearview, with more than 20 years of experience in the fencing industry. This experience is not limited to South Africa, but we also supplied to neighbouring countries. We can supply and install in all countries in Southern Africa. We are suppliers of fencing and have done installations in Clearview Fence Tzaneen, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini (Swaziland), to name a few. 

At TradiaGroup, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. That’s why we offer customised design options for your clear view fence, so you can get the perfect look for your property. Choose from a variety of heights, colours and finishes of your fence to create a fence that’s perfect for you.

We offer you clearview delivery and clearview installation all over Southern Africa with highly trained and experienced installation teams. 

Stay protected With Clear view fence

Looking for a high-security fence that is both aesthetically pleasing and see-through? Look no further than our High Security Welded Mesh fencing, or Clear View Fence as it is known! Our welded mesh wire fence panels are perfect for a variety of industries and continue to provide maximum barrier security.

Clear View Fence offers high security fences that are perfect for homes, businesses, industrial sites and government buildings. Our fences are made with high quality materials and our wires are some of the strongest in the market. Our panels are also available in a variety of heights to suit your needs. You can also add additional features such as CCTV and electrical fencing to our posts.

Clear view Fence Tzaneen is a rapidly growing fencing choice in the industry, surpassing its competitors in palisade fencing. Its unique features and rigid structure make it the number one choice when deciding to secure any perimeter. Clearview provides an excellent level of visibility, making it a popular choice for many people.

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We have made it quick and simple for you to choose your clearview fence design and sesifications with a quotation generator. After you have submit your request one of our TradiaGroup Consultants Clear view fence Tzaneen experts will get in touch with you.

Clear View Fence Types

TRADIA offers 3 types of security mesh specifications for high, medium and low security purposes, with wires ranging from 3mm up to a high tensile 5,6mm strand, with 450+MPa strength.

These welded wire fence panels provide maximum barrier security solutions across different industries and may be of safety benefit to your company.

Clear view fence Tzaneen also offer the option to host an electrical fence on top or at the back of our fence (piggy-back) to increase security.

What are the benefits of using Clear View fencing?

Clear View fencing is made with the latest fencing technology and provides a more complete and cost-effective way to secure any perimeter.
Because of its unique design and product features, it is often known as anti-climb and anti-cut fencing.
Additionally, the use of Clear View fencing can extend to functional uses around your home or business, such as pool fencing or yard fencing, and dividers.
Not only does it provide you with improved security, but it also provides you with a better view.This bettervu contribute to your improved safety, as you can see what is going on on both side of the fence. 
This is the best fence that you can get.
You wil not get a better fence. 
This bestfence contribute to your peace of mind.
benefits of using Clear View fencing
Clear view Pricing

Clear view Pricing

What is the cost of clearview compared with true love?
Love your family and keep them safe with anti-climb and anti-cut fencing. Keep intruders away, keep your property safe, compare the cost of clear view to the value of the loved ones.
Keep your young children out of your swimming pool with the pool fencing that we offer.

Get various gate types, from pedestrian gates, swing gates, sliding gates and cantilever gates, all on our web. We offer different gate heights and gate sizes to suit your safety needs. Motorised gates are built to your needs.
Sharktooth spikes or castle spikes can be added on top of the fence to add security. So can Underdig panels be added to prevent crawling underneath the fence.

For industrial fencing, a razor coil or razor flatwrap can be added on the top of the fence.

Different apertures and wire thickness can be chosen from, as well as different type of coatings.

Get a quote for clearview fencing directly form our web, under “Request a Quote” where you can decide what you need and we will quote you accordingly.

You can even select your type of gates that you might need, together wit the gate sizes and gate heights.

Clearview Fence Coatings

The choice is yours!
From an aesthetic point of view, we offer you a wide range of PAL Colours to suit your needs.
The standard wire coating is ZincAlu, a zinc-aluminium alloy consisting of 95% zinc and 5% aluminium. These wires can after manufacturing be coated with a Polyester Powder Coating (PPC coating) or Polyvinyl Chloride Coating (PVC coating), also known as Plascoat.

Clearview Fence Coatings

Clear view fence Applications

Investing in a commercial fencing system is a wise choice when looking to secure the perimeter of your business. Clear View fencing is an excellent option, due to its unique design that includes an anti-cut, anti-climb security barrier. This ensures maximum visibility for security cameras, providing enhanced security for your building. Your fencing can be customised according to your specific security needs, in terms of both height and appearance with extra security add-ons. This way, you can be sure to get the most benefit from your investment, at an affordable price.
Clear view fence Applications

When it comes to perimeter security, the best option is to have a comprehensive and layered approach. This means having physical barriers in place, such as fences or walls, as well as security cameras and security alarms. Having multiple layers of security makes it more difficult for intruders to breach your perimeter and makes it more likely that they will be caught if they do.

Perimeter fencing is a vital component of any security plan, and Clear View Fencing provides the perfect solution with its secure design and tamper-proof craftsmanship. The unique design prevents would-be intruders from getting a good grip on the fence, making it difficult to climb. Shark Tooth Spikes or even Castle Spikes can be added on top of the fence for extra security.

Clear View fencing is also made with bolt cutters in mind, making it impossible to cut through.
For your extra peace of mind and increased security, an electric fence can be added on top of the fence, or even at the back of the fence, known as a piggy-back electric fence.

If you need to know where an intrusion is taking place, we can offer you an Intrusion Detection system with a zoned alarm.
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