Tradia Steel is in a position to offer wide variety of gates to suit requirements of a project - the gates are all made in South Africa.
There are several design considerations before deciding upon the gate design which fulfills the project requirements – whether it should be a sliding, or single swing, or double swing, telescopic, or should there be a small pedestrian gate built inside a large industrial gate, what are the security requirements, should there be an access control, should the gate be motorized or manual, etc.


The Telescopic Sliding Gate is an adaptation of the normal tracked sliding for modern day structures where there are space limitations.
A telescopic gate reduces the parking distance required by a sliding gate by at least 40 percent. This makes it the ideal choice when the entry or exit road is at one corner of the property with limited space to sacrifice for the gate parking area.


The Cantilever Sliding Gate is an ultra-modern gate design which lays emphasis on security, safety and maintenance-free operation. The gate virtually floats in air as it crosses the roadway. The gate is balanced on set of two precision engineered roller carriages which do the trick.
All running parts are completely hidden, preventing them from being affected by the elements and no guide track is required; implying reduced civil work during installation.


Tracked sliding gates are a secure alternative to cantilevered sliding gates. The big advantage of a tracked gate is the small back-up area and considerably bigger opening widths.


We use only galvanised steel to make our gates. We have various designs options for the gate infill ranging from vertical bars to mesh that will match your fencing. And we would be more than glad to cater to your custom designs.

One of unique features Tradia Steel has is it provides powder coated gates. And this powder coating is done over hot dip galvanized steel sections, which ensures very long life.

The following two finishes are available with any gate:

  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Powder Coated

A variety of colours are available for powder coated gates. For greater aesthetic appeal, Tradia Steel matches the colour of the gate frames with the colour of fence, and the gate infill with the mesh of the fence panel, this creates a visually pleasing sight.