Detect intruders BEFORE they get in.

By itself, your expensive security fence is only a minor deterrent to determined intruders – they can cut-through or climb it in seconds! By the time your building’s alarm system detects them, they could already be stealing or damaging your property.

FlexZone is an affordable, easy-to-install system that enhances your existing fence by turning it into a smart fence. FlexZone detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through your fence. Detection at the perimeter means you can trigger your alarm system, cue up camera systems, and automatically engage deterrence devices like security lights or sirens while intruders are outside your building or protected area.

FlexZone enhances your existing security system, reduces both operational costs and nuisance alarms, and above all, provides peace of mind for those with unmanned properties.

FlexZone is reliable in harsh South African environments.

Secure your perimeter, secure your site


Using signals generated by the minute flexing of its loose tube coaxial sensor cable, FlexZone detects and locates movement of the fence. High-speed sampling ensures that the FlexZone processor captures a precise picture of the fence signal and enables advanced algorithms to discriminate between intrusion signals and environmental noise. This maximizes the probability of detection while virtually eliminating nuisance alarms caused by environmental effects such as wind or rain.

Features & Benefits


FlexZone is a fence-mounted sensor and detects and locates any attempt to cut, climb or otherwise break through the fence. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple simultaneous intrusions and in the presence of background environmental noise.


Each FlexZone processor supports up to 600m of sensor cable. The sensor can be configured in software to support up to 60 distinct, individually sized detection zones. Zones enable a single sensor cable to be used across areas with different operational requirements (e.g., high-traffic areas like gates or entrances) and to provide location data for integration with video surveillance and other security devices.


The sensor cable is attached directly to the fence fabric with UV-resistant nylon cable ties. The processor unit is outdoor rated and can be mounted on a fence post or other surface.


The sensor cable can carry both power and data, which greatly reduces power distribution and data communication cable requirements. For larger sites, multiple processors can be linked together and share common power sources and network connections.

FlexZone works with:

Gate options

FlexZone cable can be installed on swinging gates to provide detection, and the gate area itself can be configured as an independent detection zone. Gate contacts can be connected to the processor’s auxiliary inputs for integrated site monitoring.

Sliding and swinging gates can also be protected with the FlexZone Wireless Gate Sensor. This is an accelerometer-based device that detects attempts to open, cut, climb, or break through the gate.

The compact, all-weather sensor module is attached directly onto the gate fabric and transmits alarm data to a nearby FlexZone processor over an encrypted link.

Various options are available:

Alarms can be reported locally at the processor via output relays or communicated to a central location over a network. FlexZone uses the sensor cable itself for conveying alarm, status, and configuration information. The sensor network can be polled from both ends of the perimeter, thus providing redundant data paths.

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Stand Alone Site

Networked Site (1-3 Processors)


Networked Site (4+ Processors)



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